Bandel Ther­mal Power Plant (BTPS)

Address : PO:Tribeni | Dist: Hooghly | PIN: 712503


Sl No. Units Capacity(MW)
1 Unit-I 60
2 Unit-II 60
3 Unit-III
4 Unit-IV
5 Unit-V 215
Total Capacity 335


Sit­u­ated on the west­ern bank of Bha­gi­rathi River, Ban­del Ther­mal Power Sta­tion is just 1 Km from the Assam Road and con­nected with a heavy duty metalled road 3 km off the Grand trunk Road, NH2. Ban­del Ther­mal Power Station’s near­est rail­head is Tribeni on the Bandel-​Katwa-​Azimgunj Line under East­ern Railways.

Suc­cess­fully meet­ing the power sec­tor demand for the State for more than four decades, Ban­del Ther­mal Power Sta­tion still remains a promi­nent player in the states power sup­ply chain. Ban­del Ther­mal Power Station’s fifth unit with a capac­ity of 215 MW installed in 1982, was first of its kind in East­ern India & fifth in India. Today, with three oper­a­tional units the total installed capac­ity of the sta­tion stands at 335 MW.

Impor­tant Dates in the His­tory of BTPS :
Unit Synchronisation COD
1 04.09.1965 04.09.1965
2 18.10.1965 18.10.1965
3 17.02.1966 17.02.1966
4 03.08.1966 03.08.1966
5 08.10.1982 08.10.1982
Impor­tant Renovation and Maintenance Dates:
Unit Award of Contract COD
5 29.02.2012 24.11.2015