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Sl.No NIT No. Tender Ref 1. Tender Ref 2. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download Category
1 BkTPP/12162 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/501/BkTPP Supply of Journal Bearings (Upper & Lower) For Bowl Mill XRP 883 12-03-2018 Download Original
2 BkTPP/12161 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/500/BkTPP Repairing and Painting work of D-Type Building (D1 to D 15) of BKTPP Township 21-03-2018 Download Original
3 BkTPP/12160 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/499/BkTPP Repairing and Painting work of C-Type building (C-23 to 34) of BKTPP Township 21-03-2018 Download Original
4 BkTPP/12159 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/498/BkTPP Repairing and Painting work of B-Type Building (B-64 to B-74) at BKTPP Township 21-03-2018 Download Original
5 BkTPP/12158 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/497/BkTPP emergency tit-Bit maintenance at CHP [Stage – I & Stage – II] of BkTPP 26-03-2018 Download Original
6 BkTPP/12157 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/496/BkTPP Painting of Twin over ground raw water pipe lines [o. d. – 930 MM] at CHP side of inside plant at BkTPP 26-03-2018 Download Original
7 BkTPP/12156 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/495/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract of Server, Computers, UPS & Printers at BkTPP 26-03-2018 Download Original
8 BkTPP/12155 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/494/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Major Chute Maintenance Job at CHP of BkTPP 24-03-2018 Download Original
9 BkTPP/12154 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/493/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for testing related work of Unit # 1 to Unit # 5 including CHP of BkTPP 20-03-2018 Download Original
10 BkTPP/12153 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/492/BkTPP Annual Contract for Providing Fire Safety & Fire Fighting services at BkTPP 21-03-2018 Download Original
11 BkTPP/12152 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/491/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Fire Protection System of BkTPP 21-03-2018 Download Original
12 BTPS/12170 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/487/BTPS Annual Rate Contract for Repairing of Boiler Tube Leakages, High Pressure Valve replacement & High Pressure Line replacement at Units 1-5 under MMB Dept., BTPS. Annual Operation Contract for Round the Clock monitoring towards running of 3 nos. OTIS make Elevators under IPH-I (E/M) Division, BTPS. 09-03-2018 Download Original
13 BkTPP/12151 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/490/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Picking of Stone and Foreign Materials from Running Conveyors of CHP, BkTPP 24-03-2018 Download Original
14 BTPS/12169 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/488/BTPS Annual Contract for Picking of Stone & Foreign material from running Conveyors at Coal Handling Plant at BTPS 10-03-2018 Download Original
15 SgTPP/12164 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/486/SgTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for EOT cranes and Hoists at SgTPP 05-03-2018 Download Original
16 CORP/12151 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/485/Corp Invitation of Bids for Selection of Consultant for obtaining Environment Clearance of Tara (E&W) Coal Mine 07-03-2018 Download Original
17 SgTPP/12163 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/484/SgTPP Supply , Installation , & Erection of external LT distribution system & street lighting system for newly constructed B & C type quarters at SgTPP township 26-02-2018 Download Original
18 STPS/12197 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/483/STPS Supply of different categories of unskilled workers (Agreemental-A & Agreemental-B) related with the work annual maintenance of roof cleaning, sweeping, cleaning and miscellaneous works within STPS (T) 06-03-2018 Download Original
19 STPS/12196 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/482/STPS Thorough repair and maintenance of employees’ canteen at STPS 06-03-2018 Download Original
20 STPS/12195 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/481/STPS Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Air Condition Machines at both STPS Plant & Township under the maintenance scope of OPH (E/M) Dept. STPS 08-03-2018 Download Original
21 STPS/12194 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/480/STPS Deployment of 75 (Seventy Five) Nos. Contractor Workers and 01 (One) No. Supervisor for providing services to various Departments at STPS 09-03-2018 Download Original
22 STPS/12193 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/479/STPS Annual Rate Contract for Condition Monitoring (vibration & signature analysis), MCSA, WDA, Grease analysis, Root cause analysis and IN SITU balancing for 2 X 250 MW unit of STPS, WBPDCL 03-03-2018 Download Original
23 STPS/12192 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/478/STPS ARC for Supply and dosing of Chemicals for Cooling Water treatment for 250 MW X 2 of Unit 5 & 6, STPS, The WBPDCL 27-02-2018 19-03-2018 Download Original
24 BTPS/12168 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/477/BTPS Horticultural landscaping activities at BTPS Plant 12-03-2018 Download Original
25 BTPS/12167 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/476/BTPS Horticultural Landscaping activities at Guest House of BTPS 12-03-2018 Download Original
26 KTPS/12140 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/475/KTPS Annual Maintenance Contract for Comprehensive Maintenance of Room Air Conditioners & Drinking Water Coolers at various Departments of KTPS 09-03-2018 Download Original
27 KTPS/12139 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/474/KTPS The cleaning and different housekeeping at all routes of Conv- 8A/B/C/D & Conv-9A/B/C/D routes, Chutes, decking plate, floor at CHP, KTPS 09-03-2018 Download Original
28 KTPS/12138 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/473/KTPS Repairing and maintenance of 01 (one) km existing road network at different locations of KTPS Township 17-03-2018 Download Original
29 CORP/12150 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/489/Corp Running Canteen/Cafeteria service for the employees including Guest House of Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban 07-03-2018 15-03-2018 Download Original
30 CORP/12149 WBPDCL/RFP/18/1661 Offers, with indicative fees, are invited from accredited rating agencies for carrying out investment grade credit rating as on 31st March, 2017. Last date of submission : 3 PM, 24th February, 2018. 24-02-2018 Download Original
31 CORP/12148 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/472/Corp Providing House Keeping Services, Gardening and facility related services under the supervision of the Agency by deploying various categories of personnel at the Corporate Office of WBPDCL, Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban 19-03-2018 Download Original
32 STPS/12191 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/471/STPS Supply, installation and wiring of newly constructed Tool cum Maintenance Room under CHP (E/M ) Dept., STPS 03-03-2018 Download Original
33 BTPS/12166 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/470/BTPS Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of existing luminaries & appliance under jurisdiction of OPH (E) Department, BTPS 05-03-2018 Download Original
34 CORP/12147 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/469/Corp Design & Engineering, Manufacture / Procurement, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 5 MW Grid Connected Floating Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant on Raw Water Pond No. 3 in Sagardighi Thermal Power Project (SgTPP), Murshidabad, West Bengal including warrantee obligation with 05 (Five) years comprehensive Operation and Maintenance 06-03-2018 Download Original
35 SgTPP/12162 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/468/SgTPP Area grading and necessary construction of WBM road along the ash slurry pipeline of Phase-1, SgTPP 26-02-2018 Download Original
36 KTPS/12137 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/467/KTPS Maintenance work of water distribution lines upto building overhead & routine cleaning work of overhead reservoir at KTPS Township and adjoining areas 10-03-2018 Download Original
37 SgTPP/12161 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/466/SgTPP Deployment of 21 nos. unskilled manpower (Errand Boy), SgTPP for a period of nine (09) months 15-02-2018 Download Original
38 CORP/12146 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/465/Corp Engagement of Recruitment Consultant at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, WBPDCL (OMR) Engagement of Recruitment Consultant at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, WBPDCL (CBT) 06-03-2018 Download Original
39 SgTPP/12160 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/464/SgTPP Contract for ‘Data Entry, storing and retrieval in the form of different statutory and statistical reports periodically and as & when required, in existing application package on rate contract basis for :- (i) Statutory compliance and issuance of photo Gate Pass system for all outsourced O&M and ongoing Power plant construction job (ii) statutory Compliance and record keeping of Occupational Health Care 25-02-2018 Download Original
40 SgTPP/12159 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/463/SgTPP Procurement of 300 MT Soda Ash for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 20-02-2018 Download Original